Thursday, 22 October 2015

'Theorising Inner-city Masculinities: 'race', class, gender and education', Gender & Education' by Louise Archer & Hiromi Yamashita

This article looks at male students within the central London (England, UK) area, who are stereotyped and are usually associated with a range of issues in a social environment as well as an academic setting. In spite of feminist theorists querying for distinct and convoluted analysis in regards to ‘racialised and classed’ factors of masculinity.

In addition to this, this piece of writing engrosses with the demand of theorising working class male students’ virility within the inner- city in an all-inclusive setting.  Furthermore, data has been collected from discussions with male students in a school in central London. This data was used to exemplify constructions of ‘culturally entangled’ manliness.

Lastly, this article also looks at the label ‘bad boys’ which are positioned in conflict of education and in relation to subjects such as ‘hegemony’, ‘patriarchy’ and racial and class inequalities.
Archer, L. and Yamashita, H. (2003). Theorising Inner-city Masculinities. 'race', class, gender and education', Gender & Education,, 15(2), p.115.

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