Thursday, 22 October 2015

Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education By Joseph Zajda & Kassie Freeman

This book looks at scholarly researches on key discourses within race, gender and ethnicity within the educational environment. This book contains easily available, practical as well as academic sources in regards to international concerns within the subject of ‘global culture’.

Furthermore, this is a sourcebook of theories intended for researchers, practitioners as well as policymakers within the sectors of schooling, globalisation, social justice, egalitarianism and admittance within academia all around the world. This book also contains an overview of existing concerns affecting investigations of education in race, gender and ethnicity. In addition, providing directions within this sector of research that is relevant to progressive pedagogy, social change as well as transformational educational reforms within the 21st century. Further, critically analysing the general interaction between genders within the global culture.

Zajda, J. and Freeman, K. (2009). Race, ethnicity and gender in education. Slovenia: Springer.

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