Friday, 23 October 2015

Race, Class, And Gender In Education Research: An Argument For Integrative Analysis by Carl A Grant and Christine E Sleeter

This commentary focuses on race, social class as well as gender. However, in this article these factors are seen at detached issues within academic literature. The writers analyse a sample of academic literature from various journals over the period of ten years, in order to regulate the degree to which these group factors were assimilated. 
Further to the examination, minor assimilation was found. Grant and Slater then go on to deliver illustrations of compliant learning in order to demonstrate how considering an aspect from these issues can actually distort ‘behaviour analysis’ as well as conducing a continuance of race, social class and gender preconceptions. 

Grant, C. and Sleeter, C. (1986). Race, Class, and Gender in Education Research: An Argument for Integrative Analysis. Review of Educational Research, 56(2), pp.195-211.

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